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Our Coven is a place for witches of all levels and paths looking to connect, learn, share and grow. This is a safe and private space to practice divination, learn spells, receive readings, journal, discuss books, get parenting advice and connect. 

Our Coven is a safe and welcoming international space for witches and spiritual people looking to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other, and deepen their spiritual practice. We believe in the power of community to support our journeys towards healing and self-discovery.

Through sharing and learning, we honor and celebrate the magick within us and the natural world around us. We invite our members to participate in open discussions, share their experiences and knowledge, and collaborate in rituals for empowerment.

Our community recognizes that witchcraft is not just about casting spells or performing rituals, but also about cultivating personal growth and well-being. We prioritize mindfulness, self-care, and the importance of a holistic approach to witchcraft and spirituality.

What's inside?

Our Coven is a living Book of Shadows filled with enough references to be a book or a course on witchcraft and one part soul family. We are here to learn, grow, share, celebrate and evolve.

Monthly Readings to guide your energies and endeavors given by Jenny a fortune teller, psychic, and tarot reader with over two decades of experience. 

Live Chat to talk with members in real time.

New Moon and Full Moon insight and guidance.

Library Circle: filled with helpful articles for witches at any level, topics include chakras, protection, tarot cards, crystals and more. A reference for you to create your own Book of Shadows!.

Spell & Ritual Sharing Circle: you can share spells, rituals and meditations that you have used or created or ask others for advice on current situations. Also includes exclusive spells created by me for your use. 

Journaling & Creation Circle: come together monthly and answer deep prompts that focus on the seasonal changes and current magick for empowerment and healing. Share your poetry, music and art in a safe space.

Book Circle: you can share what you're currently reading, ask for recommendations, share quotes and learn. Join our book club and read with us!

Trading Space Circle: share your talents and practice new abilities such as card reading, channeling and spell work with others in a safe space.

Baby Witches Circle: just for those new to the witchy way.

Pagan Parenting Circle: give and receive tips and tricks for raising children in a spiritual way.

Circulo Español: Un círculo para hispanohablantes para discutir todo lo relacionado con la brujería y el espíritu

And much more!

For a limited time, Our Coven is $44 for an annual membership. The estimated value is $120 for the year but as we are just beginning, I am offering a special introductory price for founding members. When you join, you will also receive a promo code for my course: Witchcraft for Everyone: Bring Some Magick to your Life for FREE as a bonus.

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